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The Defination of Love

The Author discussion on the Definition of Love was formulated to cultivate the minds of the readers to grasp the unique understanding of God's love and apply it to their lives as he also shared a passage from his new book, God's Love: Superior To Sin.


The Author brings to the table an informative knowledge on the means of prayer that helps to enhance our prayer life and devotion towards, God. The more we pray, it invites the presence of God.

Interview With Author Authurine Mitchell-Waugh

The Ministry's Author Anthony Morant did an exclusive interview with another Author by the name of Authurine Mitchell-Waugh who shared her experience and inspiration as a Publish Christian Author and Speaker who encouraged our listeners that they can achieve anything, if they would cast their cares on Jesus.

How Do You Know That Your Prayers Being Answered

The Author reveals the essence of a fervent prayer that relies on faith in God to answer our petitions in prayer.